BMW fully featured top case for for K1600GT, K1600GTL, R1200RT, R1250RT with two pieces back rest, brake light and code-able cylinder


Together with your comfort in the pilot seat, we know how important it is for your passenger to be comfortable also.

We are happy to offer you the luxury of the hugging back rest, available on GTL, on your RT top case.

The back rest can be supplied in black or in the brown of option 719 and can be mounted on any BMW 49 liters top case, excluding 71 60 7 720 503 and 71 60 7 720 456.

We carry full line of top cases and accessories for them and include code-able cylinder with each case.

Our service includes:

Cylinder coding (if key is provided)

Brake light installation (if purchased with the top case).

Brake light modulator (if purchased with the brake light). Upon brake application it makes the light flash 4 x fast, 4 x slow and then stay steady. This increases your visibility and safety.

If you have a top case and would like to add the back rest, we will supply all the necessary parts for the installation. Please contact us for details.

The top case in the photo is carbon black. We can supply top cases in all colors manufactured by BMW.

Ships in 10-12 business days. 3-5 business days shipping is available. at additional charge


Fully featured top case
Brake light, part# 77 51 8 520 044
Code-able cylinder, part# 51 25 7 698 204
Back rest lower section, part# 46 54 8 521 671 (also available in option 719 at additional charge)
Back rest upper section, part# 46 54 8 521 672 (also available in option 719 at additional charge)
Left hinge, part# 46 54 8 527 775
Right hinge, part# 46 54 8 527 776
Back rest mounting hardware
Brake light modulator.

Fits following vehicles:
BMW K1600GT (2013-2019)
BMW K1600GTL (2013-2019)
BMW R1200RT (2013-2018)
R1250RT (2019 – )