It started with the need for parts for our bikes and the challenge of finding them without breaking the bank. After spending a lot of time researching and talking to fellow riders in the same situation, we decided that the best way to go is to get the parts from the manufacturer. 

And so we began. 

We went through trial and error and learned a few things the hard way, but that helped a lot.

With time we moved from a small busy place looking like a maze of boxes and packages, to a spacious, open plan office. Our warehouse is well supplied and organized.

As a small business we focus on providing services where the satisfaction of our clients is of utmost importance. This includes good communication, constant updates, fast shipping and the most important ingredient – low prices.

It is all about leaving our clients with the feeling of joy for doing business with us.

Here we are today – grown up a little, better known in the BMW motorcycle community, with loyal clientele and keeping our promise to go the extra mile to deliver.

We are a dealer of: