Paul Griesshaber

Pretty new to the big K bike, and the forum. And I got to give a thumbs up to Simeon of Genuine BMW parts, at He is absolutely the best for buying parts, and goes the extra mile to get it done. I started with the top case for my bike. Sent him my spare key so everything worked as it should, and he took care of everything, getting it back to me in quick turnaround time, and checking in to make sure I was happy.
Then, I needed his service again, and this time, it was not a fun request. Riding a curvy road up in Northern California, which suddenly got very bumpy. Bike handled it fine, but unfortunately, when I took a break, I got off the bike, and to my horror, the left side case was gone. Disappeared. Somewhere back over the last 50 miles. Well, my buddy and I rode that stretch a couple times, but it was nowhere to be found. So I called Simeon right away to get his help. Next surprise is, while the pannier itself readily available, not so with the painted covers. In fact, I’m not even sure BMW supplies them painted anymore. But Simeon tracked them down, and looks like I’m taking delivery any day now. Of course they are not cheap.
Good lesson learned. Check and double check those cases are well secured before hitting a bumpy stretch. If you lose one, they are expensive and hard to find an exact match.
Simeon went the extra mile to find the painted covers. I’ve never met him, but hope to buy him a beer some day when I do.

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