Steve Salter

I needed a top case for my R1200RT and was having trouble selecting the color, since there was no option color matched to my bike. Simeon provided some great advice and sales guidance to help me choose the best option. He handled getting the keys matched, and shipping, even though the shipper was not being cooperative. Simeon went the extra mile to ensure I got a great accessory and a very good price. I will definitely buy from them again.

Les Clarke

Simeon’s customer service was excellent and his communication regarding available delivery options and follow up on item tracking was very thorough. I would highly recommend beemerparts.com for all your BMW motorcycle needs

James Craig

After several years and numerous purchases without one issue I highly recommend Genuine BMW motorcycle parts. Simeon goes well above what I have ever expected to deliver to me the parts that I need for my BMW. When I have been uncertain of part numbers, Simeon has worked with me, done the research and gotten the exact parts that I have needed. A great company, and person to work with.

Luân Minh Lê

Thank you for being the go to vendor for my 2012 BMW R1200RT-Police, Simeon is always readily available to help me procured the part for my bike to keep my bike in service. He is fast in response to inquiries from FB Messenger or email or txt. His quote for the part have to be the best, sometimes even lower than Fleabay used parts, my local dealer can’t even match it nor deliver it in expedited manner. Looking forward to continue doing business with him for all my motorcycle OEM parts need.

Mika Ivarsson

I recently purchased a BMW R 1250 GS without accessories and when I was looking for a top box and a set of panniers, I came across Beemerparts. After some initial research, I decided to order my top box there and I was pleasantly surprised by the personal service that Simeon offered. He called me back to make sure I got the right parts and the shipment arrived in good order. I promptly ordered a set of panniers as well as a DWA alarm unit, which Simeon was able to source as well. I have had great experiences so far and Genuine BMW Motorcycle Parts is now my go-to place for BMW parts and accessories!

Robert Mecea

I found beemerparts on another site. I needed a set of luggage cases for my liquid cooled 2016 R1200 GS Adventure which i bought without cases. Simeon contacted me and offered me a good deal on a set including the locks. He also offered to code the locks for me if i sent him a key. I coded the locks myself (i guess i like adventures 🙂 ) but it was nice to know this would have been taken care of at no extra cost.

Throughout the time it took for the cases to arrive, Simeon kept me informed as to the progress of the order and answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly.

Once shipped the cases arrived quickly and were flawless.

I will buy from Beemerparts again. Highly recommended.


Robert Mecea
Brooklyn NY

Takao Kaneko

I was looking for a discontinued DVD repair manual and found it at Genuine BMW motorcycle parts. After ordering online, the response to my questions was very fast and smooth. I should have purchased the optional parts at Genuine BMW motorcycle parts instead of at the dealer.

I think this is the kind of store that I can consult again if I have any problem.

Thank you very much.


Marc Huot

Bought a pre-owned 2018 k1600GTL and it only came with one fob, no extra key or Programing key either. Knowing myself, I decided to hunt the web to find another fob, which is when I found Beemerparts.com and ordered a second fob. I wasn’t able to get the new fob to work at first so I contacted them for assistance. They immediately replied with a link to a video which unfortunately didn’t work for my bike. Simeon then called me to guide me in pairing my fob with my bike a different way than the video showed, and it worked instantly. This is what customer service should look like. 5 star products and Customer Service.

Keith V

Simeon from Genuine BMW Motorcycle Parts gave me a much better price on parts than my local BMW dealer even with my new bike purchase discount. He also provided excellent customer service with updates as to my order status and even contacted me after the parts were delivered to check my satisfaction. I recommend ordering from Genuine BMW Motorcycle Parts.
           Keith V.
           Elgin, Illinois

Ben Larson

The service quality of Beemerparts.com was excellent.  Payment and shipping went very smoothly and all questions were answered promptly.

Bob Shellum

Below is a picture of my 2003 K1200GT with the BMW Soft Bag Large 50 – 55 liter I ordered from beemerparts.com.
I work directly with Simeon Simeonov.  I contacted beemer parts by phone and left a message stating what I was looking for.  I was called back within a few hours.  We discussed what I was looking for, Soft Bag Large, and ordered it on line as he requested.  Well the bag was no long available, basically the bag was discontinued as BMW was changing the design.  After talking again to Simeon he said he would check to see if the bag was available somewhere else.  After a couple more phone call Simeon found one for me and within a week it was on it’s way.
I believe Simeon went OUT OF HIS WAY to find me the bag AND get it shipped in a timely manner.  Hard to find that kind of customer service anymore, especially today, so a BIG THANK YOU Simeon.
I would like to add the reason for the bag and the timeliness in getting it was to add a few more liters of room for gear while touring Europe this year after a couple years missed.  It made it in time as my GT is being shipped next week.  Looking forward to riding in the Alps and beyond on my GT again.
Thanks again Simeon for GREAT Customer Service.

Ryan Axford

Simeon helped me with a new lock barrel for a top case. I sent him my key, he beat every other price, and programmed the lock for me. how can you beat that??

James Craig

Great company to do business with. I will use this company again.

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