Paul Griesshaber

Pretty new to the big K bike, and the forum. And I got to give a thumbs up to Simeon of Genuine BMW parts, at info@beemerparts.com. He is absolutely the best for buying parts, and goes the extra mile to get it done. I started with the top case for my bike. Sent him my spare key so everything worked as it should, and he took care of everything, getting it back to me in quick turnaround time, and checking in to make sure I was happy.
Then, I needed his service again, and this time, it was not a fun request. Riding a curvy road up in Northern California, which suddenly got very bumpy. Bike handled it fine, but unfortunately, when I took a break, I got off the bike, and to my horror, the left side case was gone. Disappeared. Somewhere back over the last 50 miles. Well, my buddy and I rode that stretch a couple times, but it was nowhere to be found. So I called Simeon right away to get his help. Next surprise is, while the pannier itself readily available, not so with the painted covers. In fact, I’m not even sure BMW supplies them painted anymore. But Simeon tracked them down, and looks like I’m taking delivery any day now. Of course they are not cheap.
Good lesson learned. Check and double check those cases are well secured before hitting a bumpy stretch. If you lose one, they are expensive and hard to find an exact match.
Simeon went the extra mile to find the painted covers. I’ve never met him, but hope to buy him a beer some day when I do.

Rick Boyd

Just bought a top case from Genuine Motorcycle Parts. The case is original BMW equipment and exactly what I wanted. Matches my bike. The service was outstanding. They called me to confirm the order within minutes of buying online. They asked if I wanted them to key the case to me bike key. I should have said yes. Once delivered, they walked me through keying the case to my m/c key on the phone. Not kidding, it was outstanding service.

Rick Boyd

Dr. Cap Smith

I purchased a new radio-transmitter key fob for my BMW motorcycle. I was offered a nice discount relative to other online retailers. After ordering, Simeon provided frequent updates and a tracking number prior to delivery. The key works perfectly. I would definitely use the services of “Genuine BMW Motorcycle Parts” again.

Dr. Cap Smith
November 2019
Fort Collins, CO
2017 R1200RT

Dan Olsen

I was hunting down some original BMW arm rests for my 2018 RT, and found that the Comfort Arm Rests for the K-bikes will fit the RT, with a slight modification.
Simeon talked me through what I needed and was fantastic to work with. The ordering process was very easy, he kept me informed of the progress of the order, and let me know when it shipped.
The parts arrived not 10 minutes after I unboxed and inspected them Simeon checked up to let me know they had been delivered and asked how everything looked.
I cannot say enough about his follow up and responsiveness to my questions – I’ll definitely be buying from him again!

Bill Schmitt

I am happy with the purchase I made from beemerparts. Product was priced well and arrived as expected.

Larry Carlson

I want to thank the team for terrific service. Especially Simeon!!!

My second purchase and like the last was challenging to locate but some how they do it. Not dishing on my local dealer but they really couldn’t help me. One call to Simeon and my part arrived.

Everything went as planned. I had emails and even phone calls with status updates. Honestly the best service online but even better off line.


John Lee

Service and communication was awesome!

Andy Brinkmeyer

I ordered a large soft bag for my BMW 1200RT. Simeon did a great job saving me money and with communication until I received the bag! I’ll definitely be buying from him again. Highly recommended.

David Haley

I bought a top case color matched to my Carbon Black Metallic 2017 R1200RT. From start to finish, Simeon was great to deal with. He was patient and informative with my questions and kept me up to date on the status of my order. Great service.

Eric Campbell

Great experience with Simeon. Part was delivered on schedule in perfect condition. Simeon was a pleasure to deal with, even letting me know when the package was delivered. Would definitely do business with him in the future.

Keith Collins

Purchased a BMW top case for my 2017 R1200RT. Case is absolutely worth the money. Perfect factory paint match, and high quality inside and out. Simeon keyed the lock and installed the optional brake light for me. Great communication throughout the process!

Todd Horvath

Received our top case was perfect and arrived on day promise. Would recommend they are easy to work with and knowledgeable

Mark Froese

I purchased a top case for my 2009 R1200rt. Everything went as advertised. They even matched my key to the ignition key included in the deal. Provided tracking information and kept me up to date. The case arrived in perfect condition in packaging that allowed no damage. Check prices people! I was able to get my case for less than I saw some used cases on eBay. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Simeon for anything I need for my bike. Mark Froese